Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#23 Wrapping it up.

What i did enjoy the most was scanning of the pictures because now a day every one has all these fancy new camers. I also enjoyed the Sandbox because of being able to do all different colors and fonts.World cat has the closest library for the book that i would need. U tuble is great also because you can find out alittle about so many things, such as movies, books and music. I really did not enjoy the listen NJ, because I myself would not sit for hours and just listen to a book, oh how my back would hurt and why not read the book.Also Technorati was just too confusing.Too many interruptions with ads.

#22 listen NJ

I listen to Outsider by S.E.Hinton. It took long to down load the parts of the book, I know what is my hurry, but to me 9 min. is just too long. I really would not use this, because I am a person that loves and I repeat loves to read. I also like to listen to books when I am walking my dog Ms.Olivia. I think that this is a great thing for people that do not want to go to a library and not take out the book (But why oh why would you not do this). I am not a person that would just sit at a compt. for hours and listen to the book, but for some this would be great. I could not believe how many books you could get on this site. I must also add that the reader is all what it is about. If they have a reader with a boring voice, that makes to me the book it self boring. As the reader for all the Harry Potter books "Jim Dale", is a man I would love to sit next to on a long plane ride and just let him talk and talk.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#21Finding and listening to podcasts

I loved this, I listened to This American Life and I was so happy to find that it really hit home, it made me think of all my youth and the things that happened to me and mine. this is so nice just to sit and hear the different stories from every one, but feel as if it could and must have happened to me.

Friday, May 16, 2008



First of all this is one of my top favorite movies, of course who does not love Billie Bob.Who needs a TV, you could sit all day at your compt.and watch. Just put in a subject and my fun begins.I thought the clip was just OK, you really could not get how great this movie is in the clip.The one thing you could learn is everyone just need One friend to help you make it in this big wide world.

#12 worldcat

You go Girl, can you imagine how they can tell you where any book is. I can not believe how just by pushing a few buttons I can get all this information. Also I find it very interesting what libraries have the book.You would think some books everyone would have, but NO.This is a great help when you want some thing out side of our library.

Monday, May 5, 2008

web2point0 awards

I picked Books, which lead me to Library thing that was select for 2nd place (wasn't that great).
Of course I would really enjoy this program because I am a person that can read a book a day and learn so much about life from these books.Thank God for libraries where oh where would we be without them.

webapps Week8 #18

This program will be a big help if you need to colaborate with other people doing the same project. Great for other people that really need if but for my self I really would not use very much.